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Odal rune on flag of the Wiking-Jugend

The "Wiking-Jugend" (WJ, "Viking youth") was a German Neo-Nazi organization modeled on the Hitlerjugend.

The Sozialistische Reichspartei (SRP) was outlawed in 1952, together with its youth organization "Reichsjugend". The Neo-Nazis went underground in numerous fragmented follow-up organizations, and the former Reichsjugend, the Vaterländischer Jungenbund and the Deutsche Unitarier-Jugend eventually coalesced again in the form of the "Wiking-Jugend". The group was active in the pan-European nationalist New European Order, although they quit in 1955 over the issue of South Tyrol.

Until 1991, Stolberg (Rhineland) was the headquarters of the WJ. From 1991 to 1994, it was in Berlin.

The Wiking-Jugend was outlawed as unconstitutional on 10 November 1994 by the North Rhine-Westphalian Ministry of the Interior.[1]

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